Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Who are you to be small and flickering

Dimly lighting a fearful path

Dreaming through a fog of forgetfulness

Whispering sweet nothings in God’s ear

Be consumed

Lit up


A contagiously

fierce force of nature

Fire dance,

like the red man

Wheel and glide

like an eagle

Hurl yourself into the beat of life

Into the burning passion of Spirit

Wake up

Get up


till you have no feet

Sing till your voice has gone

Paint your life, the colour of rainbow.

Have faith

in change,


embrace complete insecurity,

and let the dance, dance you.

Holy Stones

Gathered for a thousand years

Stones made holy by their wounds

Worn by time,

Penetrated by life

Smoothed by rushing wave

Tossed by timeless tide

Given up to the earth

From the vastness of the sea

Now in the palm of your hand

Waiting for their fate

Asking you to listen

To the secret they came to tell.

Their wounds reflect the wounded

The gouged out parts of our souls

Battered by the tides of life

The small stones message

When kept and contemplated

Is –

All lives are worn and wearied by time

And through that hole comes compassion.

Smoothing of waves, in joy and sorrow

We birth gentleness

Tossed by tides beyond our control

We find the flotsam of forgiveness

Given up to earth and matter

We treasure humanness

Originating in the vastness of ocean

We discover our belonging

Held in the palm of God’s hand.


Float like a feather on the breath of God

Way beyond the fog of fear

Sink into the clarity of love

And settle on eternity’s breeze.

Rest in the wings of the spirit

In the peace beyond understanding

Dance in the song of the Universe

And reel in the laughter of the spheres

Rejoice in this rare gift of life

And know and be known as beloved

See yourself face to face and let go

Into the arms of God

Breath of Life.

Brooding over deep waters,

Breath waits

Breaking the silence with wind beating wings

She watches with piercing gaze

Upon the random identity of fragile shell

Life curling and unfurling in

Sorrowful joy and joyful sorrow,

A world opening and closing.

The promised fruit of primal seed.

A Uni-verse in breath abating labour.

Were She to be seen with half open eye

Her beauty would blind

Her being would blow you away.

But She hovers near enough

To encourage a crack in imagination

Where the echo of eternity is glimpsed.

In time she calls you to freedom

To crack wide open and with a cry

Receive her fully in a freefall rush of breath

And the deafening beating of wings.

Breathe deeply the breath of God

And let the coiled limitation of death

Shatter completely in the mirage of a moment.

Open to the divine kiss of life and be reborn

Breath on breath

One-Song awakened