Saturday, 23 May 2009

Truth and Story

Truth and Story
In a time before time in a land faraway the people of this land were so excited when they heard that Truth was coming to visit their village.
The men, women and children all dressed in their best clothes to await Truths’ arrival in the village square.
Soon they heard the sound of horse’s hooves coming from afar. ‘Here he is’ the children squealed, clapping their hands with excitement.
In rode Truth and dismounted his fine horse. He was pleased at such a welcome and strode about greeting everyone, but something was very wrong! Truth was as naked as the day he was born! Parading around with not a scrap to cover him.
Now the children were really squealing. Their mothers were putting their hands over the eyes of their little ones and the Fathers were putting their hands over the eyes of the mothers and all were trying so hard to scurry each other into the houses and away from the sight of naked Truth.

Now all this time Story had been taking tea with the villages greatest Grandmother. When she heard the commotion Story hurried to see what was happening. The village square was bare except for Truth who stood there weeping.
‘Why are you weeping so,’ asked Story tenderly.
‘These people don’t want me.’ snivelled Truth,’ Look they have all run away from Truth, they never run away from you in you’re beautiful robe of rainbow colours all shimmering and shining like the sun’.
‘I think I know what the problem might be’ said Story, ‘You see people can’t always take the bare naked Truth, it is a little shocking at times.’
Story smiled, ‘Wait here a moment, I have something that will help’
Soon she returned and brought with her a beautiful rainbow coloured coat that shimmered and shone, much like the one she wore herself. She wrapped it around Truth covering his nakedness. Truth was delighted and danced about making the coat shimmer and shine even more. Story laughed and said‘ Now you will always be welcome anywhere and everywhere just like me.’ As she spoke, first the children, then the mothers and eventually the fathers all came out from behind closed doors and welcomed this new vision of Truth dressed as Story all shimmering and shining in multifarious colours. Truth spent many a long day and night in the village saying all he had come to tell. There was not one who did not hear him and not one who went untouched by the beauty of Truth robed in Story.

This is not an original story, it was given to me by someone who heard it on the radio some years back, sadly I don't know the true author.

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